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List of services provided by Palm Hospitality

We offer a wide range of services, designed to help you maximize your investment return. We manage hotels on behalf of owners and have an excellent track record of increasing client cash flows. We are approved property managers for major brands, including, but not limited to, Marriott, Starwood, Hilton, Best Western and others. Some of our comprehensive outsourcing-services include:

Palm Hospitality Management Solutions
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Accounting and Financial Management
Project Management and Development
Sales and Marketing
Quality Assurance Services

Palm Hospitality provides expert third party management solutions for your property from an owner's perspective. In addition to outright integrative management solutions, we also perform the following specific assignments:

  1. Accounting and Financial Management, including:
    1. System set up and procedural/system implementation
    2. Review of current processes with efficiency improvement plans
    3. Reviews of current internal staff
    4. Retaining full accounting to our own offices
    5. Capital budget planning
    6. Exception reporting and standards establishment

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  1. Training - Proper employee training is very important for the development of an on-going business. Not only does it help with guest retention, but it also reduces labor costs through increased efficiency. The bottom line is that good training practices deliver returns on your investment. We offer a variety of training solutions to meet your needs. Sectors we are capable of training include:
    1. Food & Beverage
    2. Sales
    3. Accounting
    4. Front Desk
    5. Housekeeping
    6. Service Development Training
      - Employee motivation
      - Employee attitude revival
      - Make employees WANT TO serve the customer

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  1. Purchasing - In today's competitive markets, purchasing can no longer be viewed simply a local matter. In order to thrive, even modest property operators should be thinking internationally! We have extensive international purchasing experience and know how to get the most bang-for-your-buck without compromising on product quality. We can help you take care of overseas purchases as well as managing customs, shipping, brokerage and everything in between. Our purchasing team will work with you to make sure you get the products you need at prices you can afford.

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  1. Project Management and Development - based upon our broad experience, we understand the “what counts” factors to manage a project from concept to turnkey. We provide the tools necessary for you to make the appropriate ownership decisions, and in doing so, allow you to focus on the bottom line. Be it a brand conversion, a “from scratch” development, a major renovation, or soft goods overhaul, we can take the project reins and  deliver for you.

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  1. Sales and Marketing - Sales and Marketing efforts are a vital link to customer. Our expert team plans and executes industry proven methods to deliver REVPAR, ADR, and occupancy targets essential for long term asset returns. We understand market factors, and know how to build effective plans that ensure maximum returns in all segments. Through careful planning and rigorous monitoring, we will work with your team to ensure viable plans are developed and implemented, from start-to-finish.

    1. Revenue Management - Our experts manage inventories to maximize revenue. We work with our clients to evaluate critical factors such as minimum night stays, packaging, pricing, key web exposure and other proven profit growing methods.

    2. Reservation (CRO) services     
      1. Dedicated and well trained reservations team, answering calls, and focusing on converting
        the income shoppers
      2. Includes all types of reservation redemption
      3. Specialist meeting and events team
      4. Specialist groups and FIT team
      5. Provisions of unique telephone number for usage in your promotions (area dependent)
      6. Inclusion in regular national and local media campaigns
      7. Provision of late booking opportunities from HTRL retail outlets (currently United Kingdom only)

    3. Sales Services
      1. Travel trade representation
      2. Exhibition cover
      3. Corporate/HBA agency sales
      4. Arranging road shows for pre-sale hotel openings
      5. Telesales research for sales blitz or building local corporate account

    4. Data Services
      1. Management of Free sale/allocations
      2. Management of GDS system
      3. Management of third party extranet sites
      4. Management of Lanyon or other RFP systems for inclusion in corporate rate programs
      5. Tracking of all bookings from all channels managed

    5. Distribution Services
      1. Initiating new third party online channels
      2. Optimizing volumes and rates from existing third party channels
      3. Development of interfaces
      4. Provision of white label web booking engine
      5. GDS health checks and advice
      6. Tracking cost of sales

  2.  Quality Assurance Services - In today's era of instant Internet-driven communications, the age-old adage of one bad guest experience resulting in a hundred people knowing about it is relevant more than ever. This is what drives our quality management mantra. Our team will periodically mystery shop your hotel to make sure that all standards are being met and through a comprehensive reporting structure, will inform both owners and managers of the experience the guests are receiving in comparison to industry standards. We will also provide suggestions as to how to implement improved service levels and monitor improvements as they are undertaken.

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